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ModulaTeam designs, develops, manufactures and markets the newest and most innovative solutions in Data Modern technology.

The company is active in communications field using narrow band modulation

serving a market that focuses on distance and reliability. All products are developed and manufactured in-house utilizing custom technologies and maintaining the highest level of quality in supporting various industries such as public/national security, law enforcement, oil, gas, mining, transportation, telecom, enterprise and governmental services.


  • Narrowband Ethernet Extender

  • Software controlled radio from 20 to 500 MHz

  • High spectral efficiency

  • Ultra fast synchronization

  • High speed mobility up to 300 km/h

  • No base station required

  • Configurable level of robustness vs. data rate

  • Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)

  • Traffic based data rate adaption

  • Simple addition into existing network with no structural change

EtherNudge operates as a transparent cable replacement for a physical cable over air in a narrow band, mid or long distance communication system for stationary or mobile fading radio channels.

As an enhanced software configurable radio modem, EtherNudge allows for software controlled frequency and waveform setting based on environmental and regulatory needs.

Depending on the frequency, EtherNudge's communication range exceeds 100km with less than 1 Watt of mean transmission power.

EtherNudge is designed to work with line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight modes under the worst channel conditions presented by rough environments where it performs near the theoretical limits.

EtherNudge steps in where conventional solutions reach their limit.