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Base Camp Connect

The only user-deploy-able communications system you can transport anywhere, making true interoperability possible between voice, data & radio equipment/technology in a 5-minute set-up without the need of a technician.

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BCC-LITE is a portable rapid-deploy kit that creates a local network, interconnects radios and automates network failovers to provide phone, Internet and radio interoperability.

In addition to provide a telephone system and an Internet access, the BCC-LITE allows you to interconnect 2 radio networks (UHF, VHF, HF, P25, TETRA, digital, analog, etc.).


The BCC-LITE comes with 1 fixed phone and up to 4 rugged cordless phones. The phone system operates on multiple cell networks on 4G down to 2G for use in remote areas. It also works with SAT phones, legacy networks like landlines, and switches to VoIP when plugged to a satellite dish.

There’s also a 2-radio interoperability module, along with a handset for the operator. This allows you to patch any type of radios together, working on different frequencies, and instantly have a common channel.